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Tiana Ronstadt

Power Women Investing
6775 E Camino Principal
Tucson, AZ 85715


Fax: 520.838.8750

Important Phone Numbers

Please call us first, but here is a list of common carriers and their client service numbers in case you need to call them directly.

AIG: 1-800-445-7862
American Funds:1-800-421-0180
Hartford: 1-800-862-7155
Hartford Mutual Funds: 1-888-843-7824
Jackson: 1-800-873-5654
Lincoln: 1-877-534-4636

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We are celebrating our 10th anniversary!

I created Power Women Investing because I wanted to take my passion of empowering women to a higher level. With over 20 years of financial planning experience, I have often seen how the financial planning industry fails to adequately address women's unique needs and perspectives.  Women live longer, earn less, and head far more single-parent households than do men.  Many married women still defer much of their financial decision making to spouses. Yet nine out of ten women will handle their own finances at some point in their lives.I want to help them better prepare for this inevitability.

When women do take initiative with their finances, they sometimes confront a male-dominated financial planning industry that does not speak to them or cater to their needs. At Power Women Investing, we provide the kind of supportive and personalized service that women prefer, coupled with an emphasis on education and empowerment that women crave.

Not Just for Women
80% of our clients are married, it is simply the women who are initiating the appointment.

Learn More?
Should you have any questions or would like more information about our firm, please feel free to email or call us ar 800-571-9053.

For Insurance needs please visit us at Ronstadt Insurance


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Is Tiana a fiduciary? 

Knowing who to talk to is always the first  and best step in getting the answer you are looking for. Please see below for some common client requests to help you know who can assist you best.

Client request:

I need to set an appointment with Tiana.


You're in luck! Georgina, Ashley and Emily all have access to Tiana's calendar. Call or email us and  we will be more than happy to get your appointment set!


Client request:

I need to take a distribution from my account.


Emily can help! Distribution requests must be called in and some require paperwork.


Client request:

I need help with my online access.


Emily is your "go to" for online access assistance.


Client request:

I need to update information on my account. For example: address, beneficiary, employer, name etc.

Please call the office and update Georgina or Ashley with your new information.  

Client Request:
I have a Fortis/USIC/ now Pruco policy and Tiana is my agent. I want to take a distribution and/or loan from my policy.

Please call Pruco direct and they will be happy to give you current values of your policy and their licensed representative can assist in the distribution and/or loan. The number is 1-800-231-5453



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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck.